Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The CEO's Baby Surprise - Helen Lacey (HSE #2398 - Apr 2015)

Series: Prestons of Crystal Point (Book 7)


Mary-Jayne Preston didn't do one-night stands -- ever. Except for her one and only with devastatingly handsome tycoon Daniel Anderson, who swept her off her feet before she knew what was happening! The attraction was powerful…and seemingly mutual. But when she told him she was pregnant, all bets were off!

Daniel hadn't let his guard down since tragedy struck his own life four years earlier. Now he's drawn to the irresistible M.J., but cannot -- will not -- let himself fall in love with her. He insists on marriage to protect her and their twins, but M.J. will accept nothing less than true love from this lone wolf…forever.

Good book with two very stubborn people. MJ doesn't do one night stands, but she had one night when she couldn't resist her attraction to Daniel. She woke up the next morning sure she'd made a mistake, and crept away, then avoided his phone calls. Then she discovered she was pregnant and knew she had to tell him.

Daniel had been intrigued by and attracted to MJ since they met. Their one night together was amazing and he wants more of them, but he can't get MJ to talk to him. When he finally tracks her down, he's stunned by her news.

Overall, I liked MJ and Daniel, but they were incredibly stubborn. As the oldest in the family, he's the one that took over the family business when his grandfather died. He became very focused on work, putting in long hours. He fell in love with a woman very much like him and was devastated when she and their unborn child were killed in an accident. Since then he hasn't allowed himself to get emotionally involved with anyone. When he finds out that MJ is pregnant, at first he's a real jerk about it, accusing her of lying or trying to get money from him. Once he calms down, he realizes that this is anew chance for him to have the family he wants. He immediately tells MJ that they should get married, and is surprised when she says no. He doesn't understand why, when it makes perfect sense. 

MJ hadn't planned on becoming pregnant, but she's happy she's going to be a mother. She's independent and something of a free spirit. When Daniel proposes marriage, she flat out refuses him. She may be a free spirit, but when she marries it is going to be for love. She wants the same kind of relationship her parents and siblings have, where love is the most important thing in their lives. No matter how great the sex is, she won't sentence herself to a loveless marriage.

The sparks fly between these two every time they get together. Daniel is determined to get MJ to marry him and go back to San Francisco with him to raise the children. He has a tendency to make decisions and expect her to go along with them, instead of talking to her and actually listening to what she says. He also tries to convince her that love is not important, that what they have is enough. MJ absolutely refuses to settle for anything other than love. She feels that Daniel is only interested in marriage because of the babies. She accuses him of being controlling and too used to getting what he wants just because he's rich. MJ has her own issues that cause her to push him away. She sees herself as someone who isn't controlled by time and money, and Daniel is everything she's always detested. How can she be falling for someone so different than anyone she'd been with before?

There were times I really wanted to shake both of them for being so blind about what they felt and how mean they could be to each other. Everything Daniel did showed just how much he loved her, but he just couldn't let go of his fears and admit that's what he felt. And MJ couldn't get past her attitude about his money. The one thing that came out right from all their fussing and feuding was that they got to know and understand each other and themselves, and that was what it took for them to finally take that step. I really loved Daniel's way of showing her that she was "in his heart, over his heart, on his heart. Forever."

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