Back to School Quarterly Challenge

Back to School Quarterly Challenge
September 15, 2015 through December 14, 2015

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..." At least for parents!

Our new Quarterly Challenge is a trip back to your school days! By now, most schools are up and running for the new school year. What was your favorite subject in school? Did you have a favorite teacher?

Pick which school you are attending this fall and decide whether you are going to go for Extra Credit or not! Just remember classes don't start until September 15th so don't start reading before then!

Elementary School - 5 Classes
Middle School - 10 Classes
High School - 15 Classes
College - 20 Classes

Extra Credit - 5 Bonus Classes

1. Math - Read a book with a number in title or on the cover.
2. English - Read a book featuring a writer/journalist. Or read a book that shows a book on the cover.
3. History - Read a Historical Romance or a story with Time Travel.
4. Physical Education - Read a sports romance or one with a character who exercises regularly.
5. Government - Read a book dealing with politics or with any government employee including military or police.
6. Civics/Current Events - Read a Contemporary Romance or Romantic Suspense.
7. Social Studies - Read a book set in a place you would like to visit.
8. Foreign Language - Read a book set in a location where the primary language is different from yours.
9. Physics - Read a book with a geek/nerd character or one with eyeglasses on the cover.
10. Biology - Read a book that has a steamy story or cover.
11. Chemistry - Read a book with an embrace or kiss on cover or any romance.
12. Botany/Earth Science - Read a book with a florist or gardener character or a book with flowers or plants on cover.
13. Home EC - Read a book featuring a chef or restaurant. Or read a book with food on cover.
14. Wood/Metal Shop - Read a book with a construction worker or mechanic or a book with a shirtless man on cover.
15. Agricultural Studies - Read a western or a book with a farmer or rancher.
16. Photography/Fashion Design - Read a book featuring a photographer or model. Or a book with a smiling person or colorful clothing on the cover.
17. Business - Read a book with a wealthy character or one with a character that works in an office.
18. Theater - Read a book with an actor in the story, one where a character using an alias, or an angsty story.
19. Music/Dance - Read a book featuring a musician or dancer or where either music or dance is an important aspect of the story.
20. Art - Read a book featuring an artist or one with a colorful cover.

Extra Credit: These are going to be individualized to you and might be repeats of some required courses.

21. Favorite Subject - English literature - a book that takes place in England
22. Best Subject - American History - Historical romance that takes place in the US
23. Favorite Teacher's Class - Fourth grade was my favorite teacher, so a book with an older child
24. Least Favorite Class - Math/Science - a book with a mathematician or scientist
25. Major/Career/Life Choice - life choice was to marry a Marine, so a book with a military man

There is no minimum page requirement for this challenge. Rereads and audiobooks are allowed. Extra credit classes can be taken with any level and done any time during the challenge.

23. Talk of the Town - Beth Andrews (HS #1842 - Apr 2013) (eleven year old girl) - Sept 23

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