Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fortune's June Bride - Allison Leigh (HSE #2407 - June 2015)

Series: Fortunes of Texas: Cowboy Country (Book 6)


For weeks now, sexy-as-heck Galen Fortune Jones has been playing the ardent groom in the Wild West Wedding show at Cowboy Country USA. The bride? His sweet, redheaded neighbor Aurora McElroy. Of course, Aurora has had a hidden crush on the rancher for years, but she's been careful to keep that secret close to the vest!


Things get a little out of hand, however, when Galen agrees to pretend he and Aurora are real life husband and wife. It's only temporary, of course, and it's for a good cause. But being Aurora's hubby "off stage" is starting to mess with the confirmed bachelor's head. He's having far from friendly feelings for his in-name-only spouse, and it's freaking him out! Has love finally found Horseback Hollow's last unfettered Fortune?

Fantastic conclusion to this year's Fortunes of Texas series. Galen and Aurora have known each other all their lives. Galen had been her brother's best friend, and her secret crush. Galen has never made a secret of the fact that he's quite happy as a bachelor, so she's never had any expectation of drawing his interest.

Aurora has been working at the new Cowboy Country theme park in their Wild West Wedding show. It gives her the chance to indulge her love of acting at the same time she helps her parents with their ranch. When the actor playing the part of the groom is injured, Aurora begs Galen to fill in until a new actor can be hired. Galen has been working at the park as the person who checks that the authenticity is being properly portrayed. He's no actor, but he can't tell Aurora no. What he doesn't expect is to find himself attracted to his late friend's little sister, and it's freaking him out a little bit.

I loved seeing the two of them together. Galen is just a little bit on the serious side, which makes the whole play acting a bit of a challenge at first. I loved seeing him try to keep things in the friend zone, and how it got harder every day. Aurora really wanted to be more than friends, and her frustration at his actions was obvious. Things got even more complicated when she ran into her college roommate, and ended up giving Roslyn the impression that she and Galen were married. Since she didn't expect to see Roslyn again, she didn't think it would be a problem, until she discovered that Roslyn would be in town for several days. Then she had to confess to Galen and ask for his help.

There were several really funny places where their deception nearly got them into real trouble, especially since none of their family members knew anything about it. Then their deception started feeling all too real. The attraction that they feel for each other keeps getting stronger until they can't resist it any longer. Aurora knows going in that her feelings for Galen aren't just physical, but she's willing to take what she can get for as long as she can have it. Galen keeps trying to convince himself that what they have is just for fun, but it's getting harder to do, especially when he finds himself jealous of her old boyfriend.

Galen succeeds in making something of an idiot of himself when his jealousy gets out of hand. He says some things that are hurtful, and then suffers when he thinks he's driven her completely away. There are some misunderstandings caused by a lack of communication on both sides. But in the end, Galen realizes the truth of his feelings, and his big moment is very well done.

The epilogue was great as all the Fortunes get together for another wedding. The next set of Fortune books is set up as something that was mentioned in the third book, Mendoza's Secret Fortune, is revealed to all.

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