December Monthly Challenge

December Monthly Challenge

1. 'D' is for December: Read a book that starts 'D' or whose author's first or last name starts with 'D'.

2. Member of the Month - Shannon: Shannon has been a member since February, 2011. Here is the link to Shannon's shelves. Please read a book from any of Shannon's shelves, a book published in 2011 or a book published in February of any year.

3. Featured Author Challenge - Tessa Dare: Read a book written by this month's Featured Author (link to challenge), Tessa Dare, or by any author with her first or last name.

Fun Facts about Tessa:
She lives in Southern California
She published her first novel in 2009.
She writes Historical Romance.
She works part-time as a librarian

You may also read a book set in California or by an author from California, a book published in 2009, any historical romance, or a book with a character who is a librarian or likes to spend time at the library.

4. Dec 1 - Eat a Red Apple Day: Read a book with a mostly red cover or with any kind of fruit on the cover. OR, since "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", read a book that has an important character who is a member of the medical profession or has some form of medical training.

5. Dec 7 - Pearl Harbor Day: Read a book with a character who is a current or former member of the military. Or your can read a book that has a wartime setting or a plot that involves some sort of government conflict or action, or a book with a tropical setting.

6. Dec 8 - Take it in the Ear Day: Listen to an audiobook, or if you prefer not to listen, read a book that is also available in audio.

7. Dec 21 - Look on the Bright Side Day: Read a book that is light-hearted, happy, or funny, or a book that has a character who is always positive or sees the bright side of any situation.

8. Dec 22 - Solstice (Shortest/Longest Day): Read a short book (under 200 pages) or a long book (over 400 pages).

9. Dec 6-14, 25, 26, 31 - Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve: Read a holiday-themed book, or any book in which a holiday is mentioned or celebrated.

10. Reader's Choice: Read any book of your choosing!

5. Never Surrender - Lindsay McKenna (HQN - June 2014) (SEAL/wartime/Afghanistan) - Dec 2
6. Kiss Me - Susan Mallery (HQN - July 2015) (available in audio) - Dec 4

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