Royalty of Rock Quarterly Challenge

Royalty of Rock Quarterly Challenge
June 15, 2015 - September 14, 2015

Elvis Presley would have turned 80 this year! That probably means your grandmother was a fan - I know my mom was! He has been gone nearly 38 years, but most of us can still sing along when we hear his music. This quarterly challenge celebrates the King of Rock and Roll and his music!

Levels of Fandom:
Turn Up the Radio - 5 Songs
Bought the Record - 10 Songs
Stood in Line for Concert Tickets - 15 Songs
Threw My Panties on the Stage - 20 Songs

Total Groupie - 25 Songs

Read a book for each song that fits the theme or one in which a word from the song title can be found in the title of the book, disregarding articles.

1. Jailhouse Rock - A book with law enforcement or music/musician featured in story.
2. Blue Suede Shoes - A book that has fashion involved in story or a blue cover.
3. Love Me Tender - A book by a favorite author or any romance book.
4. Heartbreak Hotel - Book with a second chance romance.
5. Viva Las Vegas - A book featuring travel, set in Vegas, or with secrets.
6. A Little Less Conversation - An action-packed story.
7. Hound Dog - A book with animal(s) in the story, on the cover or a shifter story.
8. Return to Sender - A book that has tech features, think New-Age mail!
9. Don't Be Cruel - A book with BDSM or a H/h that has been wounded in some way.
10. In the Ghetto - Book with a bad boy hero.
11. Suspicious Minds - Romantic suspense story or a book with an enemies to lovers theme.
12. Burning Love - Read a steamy book or a one with a steamy cover.
13. All Shook Up - A crazy, mixed up, fun kind of story.
14. Little Sister - Select a book that has siblings in the storyline.
15. Blue Hawaii - A book with a tropical setting or cover.
16. Kentucky Rain - A book set in south or with clouds/rain on cover.
17. Hard Headed Woman - Read a book with a kick ass heroine.
18. Don't Cry Daddy – Read a book with a child/children in the story or a YA romance.
19. GI Blues – Read a book with a character that is current or former military.
20. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears - Read a book set during the summer or one set during the winter.

Bonus - To be a Total Groupie, use these songs and come up with your own theme! Or find five Elvis songs of your own to use. You can even mix and match!

21. Lonesome Cowboy - book with a cowboy
22. Can't Help Falling in Love - enemies to lovers/boss and employee
23. Crying in the Chapel - wedding/jilted MC
24. A Big Hunk o' Love - athlete or alpha male
25. Girls! Girls! Girls! - playboy hero  

11. Sheltered - HelenKay Dimon (HI #1577 - July 2015) (romantic suspense) - June 20
19. Against the Fire - Kat Martin (Mira - Jan 2011) (former Marine) - July 10

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