Let's Set The Mood....A Settings Challenge (Quarterly Challenge)

Let's Set The Mood....A Settings Challenge
March 15, 2015 through June 14, 2015

Please read a minimum of 5 books that takes place in the following settings.
You can only use a title once, for one setting only.
No page minimum required and you may add levels at any time.
Rereads and audiobooks allowed.
Please list selected book and read date next to each setting you choose.
For the Bonus, please post the book cover for each selection.
You may update your original post, but please repost upon completion for ease in updating.

What are you in the mood for?

1. Day Trip- Read any 5 books
2. Long Weekend- Read any 10 books
3. Spring Break- Read any 15 books
4. Summer Vacation- Read any 20 books
Bonus- World Traveler- Read all 20 plus 5 Bonus books

Settings to choose from:

1. Small Town
2. City
3. Farm/Ranch
4. Jungle or Rain forest
5. Desert or Mountain Range
6. College
7. Hotel or Apartment
8. Mansion or House
9. Ship/Boat
10 Tropical/Island
11 U.S.A.
12 Central or South America (including Mexico)
13 Ireland
14 Italy
15 England
16 Australia
17 Canada
18 Asia
19 Scotland
20 France

Please use the covers of your books for the following settings....the item listed must appear somewhere on the cover. Please choose new books for the bonus, books used for the first part of the challenge cannot be used for the bonus.

1. Building/Dwelling
2. Water or Boat
3. Mountains
4. Grass or Trees
5. Sand or Snow

1. Dogwood Hill - Sherryl Woods (Mira - Jan 2015) (Chesapeake Shores) - Mar 23
13. Breakaway - Deirdre Martin (Berkley - Feb 2012) - (Ballycraig (fic)) - May 5
18. Course of Action: Crossfire - Lindsay McKenna, Merline Lovelace (HRS #1853 - June 2015) - Desert Heat by Merline Lovelace - May 14 - Oman (SW Asia)


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