Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kidnapping in Kendall County - Delores Fossen (HI #1534 - Dec 2014)

Series: Sweetwater Ranch (Book 4)

"Did you come here to kill me?"

The beautiful blonde armed with a Beretta is someone FBI agent Austin Duran knows only too well. Rosalie McKinnon was engaged to his best friend, who died on a mission gone south. But the desperate mother isn't there for revenge…she's looking for her abducted infant daughter. And she just blew his cover.

Rosalie's future is again in the hands of the rogue Texan lawman who's on an unofficial mission to find his own kidnapped nephew. With a relentless adversary in hot pursuit -- and unwelcome desire igniting -- Rosalie has to trust Austin. Her baby's life depends on it…

Good book with plenty of action to keep me turning the pages. Throughout the series, Rosalie has been searching for her kidnapped baby. Even though she's a nurse, not law enforcement, she found a way to infiltrate one of the baby farms. She's hoping to find out what happened to her baby. She drugs one of the guards, takes his gun, and goes to confront the head of security, hoping to force information from him. What she finds is Austin, her late fiance's partner, acting on his own to find his kidnapped nephew.

Rosalie has blamed Austin for the events that resulted in her fiance's death, but revenge is the last thing on her mind. Unfortunately, her actions have blown his cover and put both of them in danger. The person behind the baby stealing ring wants both of them dead and will do anything to make it happen. Austin is determined to protect Rosalie, while at the same time finding both missing children.

Austin had been drawn to Rosalie even when she was engaged to his partner, but being an honorable man he did nothing about it. Being with her now has the attraction flaring back to life. He still feels guilty over Eli's death, and that contributes to his determination to keep her safe. What he doesn't expect is for the attraction to be reciprocated. Rosalie isn't happy about her attraction to Austin, but she can't stop it. Being so close to him, she quickly realizes that her fiance's death wasn't his fault, and that there is a lot more to him than she had suspected. 

One of the things I enjoyed about their relationship is the way that they worked together. Rosalie is a strong and capable woman who is determined to do whatever it takes to find her child. She isn't the type to sit back and let someone else to all the work. I loved watching her stand up to Austin and refuse to be left behind in safety. She's also smart and is determined to stay involved. Austin wants to find both missing children, but he wants to keep Rosalie safe. Her insistence on being involved frustrates him as it goes against all his protective instincts, but he can't deny her the opportunity. I loved seeing them be able to move on from the past and be able to look at a future together.

The suspense itself was very good. Austin and Rosalie had to work to stay one step ahead of the men who were trying to kill them. There were several suspects in the kidnapping ring, each of whom was blaming the other. The information that Austin and Rosalie uncovered could apply to any of them. Things got really intense the closer they got to finding Rosalie's daughter, and the final confrontation was nerve wracking. 

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