Sunday, May 3, 2015

To Honor and To Protect - Debra Webb, Regan Black (HI #1569 - June 2015)

Series: Specialists: Heroes Next Door (Book 3)

Before he could say "I do" on his wedding day eight years ago, former special ops soldier Drew Bryant was hustled away for a top secret mission. Everyone -- including the bride he left behind -- believes he's long dead. But now his former fiancée is on the run from a vengeful fugitive, and Drew is handpicked to bring her to safety. When he finds Addi Collins deep in the swamplands of Louisiana -- with the son he never knew existed -- he has to earn her trust to protect her from a vindictive desperado. And prove he won't break her heart a second time.

Very good book. Addi was horrified to discover her fiance was involved in something illegal. She sent the information to the authorities, then took her son and went on the run, looking for a safe place to hide out. She had never told him about her childhood in the deep south, so she headed for the bayous, hoping she'd be safe there until Craig was caught. She was stunned when Drew showed up, alive and well, and determined to keep them safe. 

Drew had fallen in love with Addi when he first met her. On their wedding day he was called away on a special operation that was supposed to be of short duration. Instead, he was captured and held for six years before escaping, then months more in the hospital. By the time he was well enough, Addi was engaged to another man, so he didn't tell her he was alive and back. When the head of the Specialists unit came to him for help finding Addi, he couldn't say no.

I loved Addi's strength and resourcefulness. I loved the way she had Drew at gunpoint before she knew who he was. Though she trusts Drew himself, she is reluctant to go along with his plans to evacuate them, since she isn't sure if his government connections could be trusted. The danger has a slow buildup, as things were pretty calm for awhile. When the bad guys started to make their appearance, I loved seeing the way that Drew and Addi worked so well together to make their evasion happen. The chase through the swamp was intense, and got more so when they were caught. The final confrontation was great and their natural teamwork was fantastic. I do wish there had been a little more detail on just what the bad guys had been involved in. 

I loved the way that Drew and Addi came back together. Their love was still there, but their lives had created so many changes that they had to get to know each other again. Addi had to learn to trust that Drew wasn't going to just up and disappear again, leaving her and Andy behind. Drew was really floored by all the changes in Addi's life, the biggest of which being Andy. He was stunned to discover that he was a father, and had to get over the anger that he had missed so much, even though it wasn't Addi's fault he didn't know. He was also fighting the fear that he might fail in protecting them because of what he had been through before. It took a lot for him to open up to Addi about his fear that he's too broken to be with them. Both of them were wary of risking their hearts again but the thought of being apart again was strong enough to overcome those fears.

I loved the little boy, Andy. He was so much fun with his Captain America watch and his curiosity. I really liked seeing how quickly he bonded with Drew and how much alike they were. He did great with all the danger they were in, and I loved his part in the final confrontation. 

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